Saturday, September 26, 2009

BBSB Meets Arduino (Part 3) Home Easy to BBSB Repeater

Thanks to some sample code found here, I've churned out a handly little HomeEasy to ByeByeStandby RF Repeater.
This little project will pick up selected HomeEasy Advanced Protocol devices (like the HE300 Remote and HE303 PIR) and translate them into any ByeByeStandby device code you want.
Thanks to Barnaby and Peter here, and several hacking types, here. You will need a similar 433mhz Transmitter and Receiver to my previous posts, as well as that little £12 Arduino board that you bought and havent used yet 8-)


Unknown said...

Hi gadget man. good work on the arduino and HE with Bbsb. i would like somethin similer. Does your project work with the HE ultimate range of products ?? as these are the sockets and switches i would like to use. thanks in advance.


mart said...

Dappa, take a look here for a list of devices and which protocol they use.

I personally use my arduino to contol HE204, HE203, HE304, HE302 and HE208, I *know* the heating controller uses a completely different protocol (because HE rebadged someone elses product!!), and I dont have the shiny touch switches - if in doubt test them out and let me know.

As I explained in the article the code works for me, your milage may vary. If you want really good support for HE devices from your home automation setup there is a commercial product (RFXCOMM) which is available too.

Hope that helps. - happy hacking 8-)


mart said...
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mart said...

The HE302 can also be taught BBSB codes from BBSB remotes and their network controller.


gk said...

Your links seem to be outdated, can you post new one if possible? Thanks ..