Monday, March 22, 2010

Twitter controlled lights?

Just in case you though I'd gone away, here's a little hack to enable you to use Twitter to send commands to your BBSB (Bye Bye Standby) Online Controller.
This is a software hack, involving no Arduino's or soldering(!)
In this post, I use the Linksys NSLU2 Linux based NAS appliance, but I'm sure any Linux machine will happily play along with this, provided you've isntalled Perl.
Once you're set up ( see instructions on this link), you simply DM (Direct Message) your controller using Twitter - and hey presto!
DM mycontroller lounge lights on
(Usual policy of shoddy coding applies of course)
UPDATE: Due to changing ISP, the links in the PDF are not valid - use these instead:
UPDATE: Twitter has stopped allowing basic Authentication, so these scripts will not work without modification - if you do update them please let me know 8-)