Friday, June 19, 2009

BBSB Meets Arduino (Part 2)

Ok, So a better BBSB Repeater project would be able to do everything the previous post refers to, AND be able to recieve BBSB codes and send them to the BBSB Controller - unfortunatley this requires some interrupt driven Arduino magic, which I havent been able to get working - so , as the king of unfinished masterpieces - here is an RF->Network only repeater version.

You need to connect your compatible RF Receiver to pin 4.

On my unit , component side -

pin 1 = 5v
pin 2 = GND
pin 3 = Antenna (or nothing!)
pin 4 = GND
pin 5 = GND
pin 6 = not connected
pin 7 = rx data out (arduino pin 4)
pin 8 = 5v

Updated documentation is er.. not written yet. 8-) - as always refer to the receiver datasheet before wiring things up 8-), and also note that I was unable to complete testing this because my BBSB controller is not connecting to the BBSB mothership tonight 8-(

Comments etc here please:


Sunday, June 14, 2009

BBSB meets Arduino (Part 1) - updated.

In the first of several posts, here's a nifty little project that may help if you have radio signal range issues with your ByeByeStandby (BBSB) Online Controller. We have lots of thick brick walls at home, and the controller cant send messages to all our sockets:

I have to admit, this work has been 90% google and 10% coding - there are already libraries for Arduino on the net that can transmit BBSB/Domia's radio protocol.

This project will re-transmit the 433.92mhz Domia/BBSB signals emitted by the BBSB Online controller v2 on your local network.

Build instructions are here, along with source code Arduino sketch here. See pdf for further details.

If you have comments or questions please post to the BBSB Forum here.

Further enhancements are in the works, stay tuned for the next part - a two-way repeater.

15/06/09: Updated to fix a bug already! - Device code support 1-16 (in theory , but untested)