Friday, June 19, 2009

BBSB Meets Arduino (Part 2)

Ok, So a better BBSB Repeater project would be able to do everything the previous post refers to, AND be able to recieve BBSB codes and send them to the BBSB Controller - unfortunatley this requires some interrupt driven Arduino magic, which I havent been able to get working - so , as the king of unfinished masterpieces - here is an RF->Network only repeater version.

You need to connect your compatible RF Receiver to pin 4.

On my unit , component side -

pin 1 = 5v
pin 2 = GND
pin 3 = Antenna (or nothing!)
pin 4 = GND
pin 5 = GND
pin 6 = not connected
pin 7 = rx data out (arduino pin 4)
pin 8 = 5v

Updated documentation is er.. not written yet. 8-) - as always refer to the receiver datasheet before wiring things up 8-), and also note that I was unable to complete testing this because my BBSB controller is not connecting to the BBSB mothership tonight 8-(

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