Sunday, November 04, 2007

Using AutoDVRConvert on Vista Media Center..

If you've followed my post below about Pete Tong living on my IPod, and you have a Vista Media Center, you'll be a bit stuck right now, because the steps using AutoDVRConvert dont work in the way described on Vista.

Never fear! - here's how to fix the conversion - it's not AutoDVRConvert at all that causes the problem, it's the LAME mp3 DirectShow encoder I linked to below.

Do the following from a command prompt, in the folder where you have all the files:

  1. regsvr32 /u
  2. delete
  3. download ( the forum I found this link on is here: )
  4. Use the new file inside the zip
  5. Register it: regsvr32
  6. Open GraphEdt and re-make your filter chain using the new version of the Lame encoder (it shows up as 'Lame Audio Encoder' in the list - If you have Lame MPEG Layer III Audio Encoder its the *wrong* one)
  7. Save your graph as it's GRF file
  8. Select the new GRF file in AutoDVRConvert and save
  9. test it.

Worked for me 8-)

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