Monday, May 18, 2009

Update: Squeezecenter on Synology CS407

Our music library is quite large, and is slowing down our Media Center PC as it lives on our home NAS. I just moved SlimCenter to our Synology CS407 NAS where our music lives for better performance.

If you want to get IRBlaster (see below) to work on the Linux/Synology version of SqueezeCenter, then there are a couple of spookily similar little tweaks required:

IRBlaster will give the 'unable to write file' message in the IR learning app (just as it does in Windows), to fix do this:

  1. Download and install the latest Synology firmware (we're running DSM 2.1-0844)
  2. Download and install the SqueezeCenter for Synology.
  3. Telnet/SSH to your Synology (after enabling Telnet/SSH in the web gui.)
  4. cd to /var/packages/SqueezeCenter/target/Plugins
  5. create a new folder there (mkdir IRBlaster) - note case
  6. grant world-write permissions to the folder (chmod 777 IRBlaster)
  7. Try the IRBlaster learning app again, and you should find it worked!

The CS407 isnt the fastest embedded Linux box, but SqueezeCenter runs just fine - when installing plug-ins and re-scanning the music library it does groan a little under the strain, and SqueezeCenter stopped a couple of times, but once scanned, it's working just cool.

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