Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another new build.. SleepTool 1.0.23

Oops, dumbo bug in the last build, meaning that if you wanted to send DLC commands from the application, you needed to specify your device codes with a trailing Zero.

Oops. Fixed in this build - thanks to StephenN for pointing out that it didnt work in the previous 1.0.22 build.

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StephenN said...

Hi, Me again (StephenN). Thanks for the update to your sleeptool, it now works for me. I have been discussing it on the Domia forum ( Perhaps a version which just displays all traffic to and from the network controller and allows simple control command to be sent would be useful for diagnostics. Have you got your HarmonyGUI to respond to externally generated rf signals?
The VB software is noticeably slower in controlling devices (for me it can take 20 seconds for the device to operate. There is no such delay when using the Harmony GUI to issue commands. I am therefore wondering if there is a difference between the protocol used in the VB and that used by the controller. Any suggestions?
Whilst I'm not using sleeptool for the purpose you designed it, many thanks all the same for providing it.