Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Day 10 - Henley to Hurley (no liz)

just a baby walk today - six and a bit miles so we wandered into henley to buy lunch and then meandered very slowly along the riverbank whilst I astounded martyn with my rowing knowledge (most of which I gleaned from the museum yesterday but which provided very useful cover for me to ogle the rowers nice shoulders !)

I tried to distract him further by motivating him with the thought of a naked lady on an island at the end if the regatta course but then I let slip that she is a statue - martyn was less than impressed.

having stopped for lunch at hambledon lock we wandered further passed an old millhouse - now converted into flats but still pretty

after this point it began to get very warm - we are discovering the hazards of walking one way along a river in lovely sunshine - our right hand sides are getting somewhat tanned whilst the left is nice and pale. I tried to convince mart that to rectify this problem we would have to walk upstream from the thames barrier to get home. His reply is not printable ! we decided to slap on more suntan lotion instead.

funny conversation for the day happened about a mile and a half from hurley, after the very pretty culham court and flowerpot inn (flobba dob little weeed). we met a very nice old man who said
'Have you seen two dogs?' mart replied
'only with a lady. Have you lost one of those as well?' to be met with
'er yes. Which way did the dogs go?'

remind me not to let martyn get any pets in later life ! well it seemed funny at the time - I think it loses something in print but hey..

well we're pleasantly ensconced in ye olde bell inn for the night with our puzzle books (lighter to carry than a novel and came with a free pen - bargain). we are now down to one puzzle book as i'm saving the sudoku one for toilet paper. I think they must be like marmite - love it or hate it , guess which applies to me !

looking forward to a long day tomorrow as we have to walk to maidenhead by four thirty to catch the boat down to windsor.


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Dad U. said...


Seem to be lots of lovely pics. showing your boating holiday following the Thames Path. The 6 mile short walk today must have been very taxing. Much more, however, than I could manage.
Nanny and Us say thank you for the cards, received Tuesday and will try to meet up in London as suggested but I am tied to contractors in week --- perhaps W/End?? Weather forecast for Saturday in the London area is thunderstorms --- hope you have a conductor!!

Mum and Dad.