Monday, August 08, 2005

Day 9 - Reading to Henley.

Awoke to a nice hotel breakfast and a newspaper this morning, stuff the camping lark. Realised that although we'd been skilful in selecting a nice hotel for tomorrow night, neither of us could find the piece of paper with the name or address of it on. Still after a moment of amused panic, I realised that I had yet another chance to bankrupt myself by using Google on this handy Treo 600 to look it up. Hey presto, one hotel and even a picture of it. I don't care what the bill comes to for this thing while we're away, I'll just shove it in the kitchen drawer when it comes like that bloke on bank-of-mum-and-dad.

Meanwhile we boarded yet another boat this time bound for henley.

Much sunshine later (M: kay has a burnt right shoulder.. ha ha I put sun-lotion on) (K: he didn't put any on his nose though and its pinker than my shoulder and has already peeled once - so attractive ! ) we arrived at Henley, home to the Henley Regatta, and a natty Rowing Museum.

This was after listening to a lady discussing on the boat where all the famous people live along the thames.. we gave up listening at '... and there is Anthony Worral-Thompsons house, you can still see the television cables there on the riverbank...' I looked exitedly at the riverbank only to see one end of the television cable attached to a water-tap. Water powered TV.. blimey, I think Anthony must be on to something....

Not only did we spend 3 rather absorbing hours at the rowing museum, they also had a cool 'Wind in the Willows' exhibition, where the original story of Mole, Ratty (not the wife, the other type), Toad and Badger... brilliant. (K: i'm really quite concerned about my husbands education so far - he didnlt seem to know much about about these characters and his mother was known to call it the 'wind in the willies' exhibit - she'll not thank me for posting this but it might explain marts lack of knowledge. I don't know - alice in wonderland in oxford, wind in the willows in henley - what other literary delights await ?

We did do a little walking today, Kay found a nice random footpath today at the rowing museam...

We also got our first comments from our holiday-blog reader (the only one there is probably).

Tomorrow, on to Hurley... -Sadly kay tells me that Liz doesn't live there... what a con.

of course if martyn spent more time flicking through gossip mags than he spends choosing gadget mags he could have had a nice oggle at liz on her holiday in her bikini which of course would be better than staring at her empty house in a village where she doesn't live

anyway - better go as my techno success vibe is running out for the day - just pressed wrong button and had to be rescued by martyn (such humiliation !).


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Jon said...

Well it is good to see another picture of Martyn at last although i think the hat and cape are so last season.

Thanks for keeping your holiday blog going - i almost feel like i'm there - perhaps i am - do you get that nagging feeling that someone is watching?