Thursday, August 11, 2005

Day 13 - 'Kay and the fuzzy hat men'

just before we get on to our exploits with a serious castle I felt I had to mention camelot - which we came across yesterday.....

doesn't look so bad in the picture but believe me - 'tis a silly place !

We explored windsor today, one of those strange things isn't it, you travel all over the world, but you never properly explore what's on your doorstep. (well *our* doorstep hopefully is covered in plaster and builders footprints ......but you know what we mean).

We did a small circular walk around Eton and the town this morning using our other walking book that we had in case we didn't do the thames path. Passed a number of bridges built by that clever 'Brunel' chap, they looked as if they will be here for a good while yet looking at the quality of the construction of them...

Three things surprised mart today: 1) the fact that windsor castle started off as a wooden keep 2) that the windsor 'long walk' is actually 'very' long and 3) the sarnies you can buy here are HUGE!.

You wouldn't believe that almost 1/3 of the place was destroyed by fire in 1992 either, the restoration is amazing, and they even re-designed the bits they didn't like. Kay couldn't remember the proper name for the royal guards.. the fuzzy hat men!

Walked through endless corridors, rooms and more rooms. Kay protested that she couldn't buy anything because we'd have to carry it!..

Later in the afternoon we walked the windsor long walk that runs for 3 miles completely straight from the castle, there a statue of George III at the end of it on his horse.

three things that surprised kay today 1) how astonishingly awful some of the royal china is 2) how expensive the christmas decorations on sale in the castle are and 3) the fact that we are now on page 15 of our 19 maps so we must be nearly there now !

More tomorrow, and more boats then too (probably)... (definately says kay who has been planning again !)


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