Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Day 4 - Tadpole bridge to ... er Oxford. What an interesting day we have had. Started early morning at 8.45, a cool mist greeted us as we started our walk.

Despite looking like a kayak, the orange bag is a 'survival bag'. Apparently for use in emergencies. Well apart from burning it, I don't see what use it would have been in helping us with our emergency last night - not sure if it is the cooker or the waterproof matches but eventually we made enough heat to cook dinner.

anyway - the morning saw two boats and er..... that was it. beautiful meadows to walk through - we stepped back in time to olde england for a while.

we disturbed one or two more herons and kay picked up a small hitch hiker in the form of a nice green caterpillar which we managed to convince to enjoy the delights of green plants and not white t shirts !

indiana jones impressions were done on the last stretch just before open fields to newbridge. a 'wooded section' the book called it - we're off to uganda next year and quite frankly I think bwindi impenetrable forest will be easier. head high stinging nettles, brambles hanging like lianas in the gaps and across the path and , a path that is six inches narrower than person plus daysack let alone 65 litre rucksacks made for an interesting section of the walk. kay however got her own back - today it was martyn in shorts - its alright she said as she forged ahead - they stop just up here (oops!).

Later in the afternoon we played chicken with a load of cows in a field, where they decided to block our way through the field, and we charged half the way over the field and hid on a bridge while cunning mart thought of another plan. Meantime they penned us in on the bridge, and we acted all 'cool' on the bridge while the boats passed by. The cows soon got bored so we made our escape.

For anyone thinking of walking the Thames path, note that the Ferryman Inn is closed on tuesdays.. our feet hurt at the prospect of walking another 5 miles, so we got a bus to oxford, had some nice dinner and are now staying in an even nicer hotel!....


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