Wednesday, August 17, 2005

day - whatever plus umm two.....

guess where we ended up today !

we made it - yahoo and other suitably cheerful phrases.

of course - having managed to meet brother for lunch we cheated for the very last time and got on a boat to grenwich pier - well, we thought we should finish in the style to which we have become accustomed !

its still quite a way from the pier to the barrier though as we were good and walked all around the peninsula bit instead of cutting the corner off - which I told martyn was cheating (boats of course do not count !)

anyway, we made it in time to discover that the visitor centre etc was closed - great but never mind , feeling very proud and with suddenly very tired legs we headed off to the bus stop.

what do you call the driver of the 177 bus as he drives straight past you without even slowing down whe you are frantically waving at him ? I know the answer but its not printable.

so we set off to walk to the hotel. which seemed like a very long way even thoug it was probably just a mile.

this last opportunity gave us the chance to ponder some of those deep and meaningful questions that have plagued us as we've trudged the last 180 ish miles......things like...
1) are mute swans called that because they can't make sounds ?
2) at night when swans sleep on the river do they float downstream and end up lost and confused ?
3) why do cows always congregate across a footpath or around a stile or gate ?
4) what is the difference between a red, blue, and white police car?
5) why are the last two miles of the day so much further than the previous ten?
6) if kay has shorter legs than martyn and has therefore taken more steps has she walked further than him?
7) how do they build and install the huge concrete pillars that support the bridges - why don't they sink into the sludgy bottom of the river ? (that one was martyns)
8) why do gadgets batteries always need recharging and crucial points ?
9) why do people always manage to bash into kays rucksack nearly knocking her over but seem to take a wide berth around martyn
10)what was the man doing carrying a portion of chips around in a handbag and last but not least.......

how cool would it be to win an award for outstanding use of concrete from the concrete society (as witnessed today at the barrier)

well anyway, that's it, we're done. 2 days left to be tacky tourists in london - not sure if we'll blog anymore or not.

better try and post this now - hope the battery holds out......


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