Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Day whatever + 1: Hammersmith to Pimlico

A slightly delayed start today, we overslept! Breakfast was 'inc' this morning, so we donned our boots yet again (eugh!) and marched on..

As we observed the other day, the river is much wider, and there are far less boats.

We spent much of the day at the 'London Wetlands Centre', an amazing wildlife centre built from the remains of a redundant resevoir in the london suburbs. Well worth a visit, with many rare and beautiful birds in a natural habitat.

had lunch with three lovely ladies in an area for water voles. they said we looked like we had been walking for a long time - we didn't think we smelt that bad but ..........

after lunch we realised it was so warm my poncho had melted - not much but enough.
we were going to meet my brother for dinner but couldn't quite walk fast enough so scrapped that idea. instead we made it to our room for the night - feet went on strike so for only the second time this holiday we rang for room service and for the first time this holiday we watched tv.

kind of reassuring that not much has changed in two and a bit weeks - still nothing on tv !!

tomorrow should with a bit of luck see the thames barrier.


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