Monday, August 15, 2005

day - whatever

well, breakfast was not inc this morning so we packed up and headed off for a breakfast bagel at maccy d's. perfect for curing our sake hangovers - one shot between the pair of us so that we could say we'd tried it - didn't know it was served hot. I don't think the waitress knew what to make of my gurning attempts as I tried frantically to swallow.

breakfast done we wandered along side our favourite river for three hours until we came to kew gardens. We're noticing a pattern this holiday - eat , walk, eat, walk, nurse feet , eat ,sleep. What will we do with ourselves when we get home ?

anyway, river is now distinctly less prettty and the tide was out as well so much crud along the banks but we did see numerous squirrels, more heron, cormorants and a water vole / rat thing. Oh and martyn spent 5 mins watching a cool james bond style bridge with barriers that got lowered down to stop the river flow - to keep water in the upper part of the thames whilst the tide was out.

.....and kew was great as always. Interstingly there was some glass sculpture art on disply by david chihuly. Uh oh thought mart and I as we are not hugely good with modern art but this was really impressive and integrated well with the planting - made kew even more interesting.

we tried out a talking tree too - they are piloting this new thing where you walk up to a tree, dial a phone number and get lots of info on the tree - quite cool but we think an audio guide might be better- although my ears are only just returning to normal having worn one of those around hampton court yesterday.

after lunch and much meandering through the gardens it was on to hammersmith bridge and our hotel - it seemed like a long way to get here - I'd forgotten to include wandering around the gardens in my mileage count so feet ache even more than usual today ! so in order to rest them we've sat down for dinner and guess what - its pub quiz night. We haven't entered just as well really as we're rubbish (especially the sports round and mart was really upset as he couldn't get a single music round one!)

but I've just heard that I got my film quote round question right - impressed martyn with the knowledge that 'frankly my dear I don't give a damn' was rhett butler in Gone with the Wind and martyn got 'i feel the need,the need for speed' as maverick and goose from top gun so on that high note we're off......but also because they are now playing some really cheesy music !!!!


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