Friday, August 19, 2005

Thursday wrote mr kipling..... Visited Madame Tussauds for the first time in about ten years... and then remembered why this was. All the people there were completely different from last time as you'd expect, but then came the clincher... Remember the London Planetarium you might have visited as a kid? those fantastic stars and photographs of planetary landscapes?.. that projection contraption that looked like a giant ant, and those comfy seats? well remember it well Anakin, for it is no longer. Yes that's right, what once was at least an hour of stunning photography and an educational experience is now (in my opinion) A 10minuite 1/2 an imax film (the top 180 degrees) that is hard to watch sitting on the new high tech - low comfort benches.. I couldn't even see it that well.. I'm gutted and so is kay, last time we visited one of these she fell asleep!, It would appear that its been subsumed into the waxworks as well, as it doesn't look like its a separate venue in its own right any longer.

that lot, and the fact that having found our way along 180 miles of the thames path (admittedly very well signposted) we got lost trying to find it did not make for a happy martyn as you can probably tell !
still, looking on the bright side, it was cooler in there than it was outside - and I stayed awake !

what may well have provided additional stress and made mart even more miffed with the wax works is the fact that it didn't take us that long to get round so there was more time for shopping ! which actually was more important than you may think if the whole of the lyceum theatre is to be able to sit in close quarters with us (we don't smell so bad but our clothes ......)

never mind marty - hopefully the half a cow you ate for dinner helped a bit ! (kay ate the other half).


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