Friday, August 05, 2005

day 7 - wittenham to ermmmm burghfield common (ahem).
yes well - unscheduled stop facilitated bya car journey home and caused by waking up to rain, sore legs and a very sore throat this morning.
Hotel parents had another booking tonight so we had to move on somewhere and quite frankly my legs were going nowhere manually !

Anyway after sleeping the day away in my own bed I felt much better and we managed to replan the rest of our trip with slightly more luxurious accomodation which means we can leave the heavy camping gear at home and just walk with our daysacks. Martyn is I believe secretly very pleased - not all that keen on the dehydrated food and far more appreciative of tonights indian take away !

so, tomorrow we're off shopping (we have realised that many other important items were in our missing laundry bag). Whilst we have friends who advocate the wet n dry approach to underwear - meaning you only theoretically need two pairs - we feel this may be more suited to a week in the congo than rural england !

still our trip home did mean that we were able to give said friends a lift to their train - they're off to attempt a summit of kilimanjaro - who is the more mad I wonder (180 miles along versus almost 6 km up) - we're as bad as each other probably but they only get one shot at it - good luck to them !

our unscheduled stop also meant we could check up on our building work - due to be finsihed before we left , extended to yesterday and you guessed it - diddly squat done so far.

no photo today but we're off for a day out somewhere tomorrow before we start again on sunday - and don't panic we're not completely cheating - our replan does include doing the bits we've missed out....... more tomorrow


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