Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Day 11 (we think) Hurley to Windsor (maam). We think she's here because the flag is flying..either that or its out to dry because they washed it. Speaking of which kay has turned our already v small hotel room into something of a chinese laundry - something to do with our socks being able to walk by themselves I think.....

Bit of downsizing today, from the *largest* hotel room we have ever seen (thanks liz), to possibly the smallest tonight in windsor. This brings me convieniently back to the subject of our b&b room the other night in Henley.

I believe it to be an early prototype of Dr Who's Tardis. From the outside it looks like a wardrobe, but open the doors and inside is a shower cubicle and a toilet. Amazing. Unfortunatley I was not there long enough to master the time machine controls, sadly only managed hot and cold water, and not intergalactic time travel. never mind.

Today we thought that we'd do some actual walking for a change, due to a fair amount of stick we've been getting online here.

So after a very late night - but at least kay managed to complete one of her su-doku puzzles (i didn't know my wife knew so many rude words - apparently these things develop patience....... personally i've yet to witness this) we awoke to a slightly cloudy day.

After stocking up on some sarnies for a lunch on the way, we set out at a brisk pace in the cool of the morn in order to 'rendevous' with yet another sneaky boat ride at maidenhead. Saw many a fine residence along the way, including some fancy new 'beach house' style ones , marred only slightly we feel by the mainline railway passing, ooh about 5 feet from them.

Kay set a blinding pace (K: no i didn't - we just went faster with lighter bags !), so much so that we had to stop for lunch at 11.45 (sounds familiar doesn't it). still after a quick read of our books.. yes Mart reading a novel, nothing to do with web-services or databases in sight (I must be ill) we set off again.

Passed through serveral riverside fields populated by cows. Expecting K to put on her lets-get-the-heck-out-of-here-before-they-eat-us-for-lunch pace, she pronounced that they 'look like friendly cows', she patted one on the nose and we continued.

we passed the man swimming from lechlade to teddington today - he's doing it to raise money for motor neurone disease and you can find out more at - some of you said we should have got sponsored for our little jaunt but as you've no doubt read we're rotten cheats and he's doing it properly so if you have some spare cash in your pockets please send it his way.

Our olympic pace resulted in us covering the remaining distance to maidenhead before 2pm, so I resorted to my book again, and K to the puzzlebook, sitting quietly for a few moments before uttering the odd word at random while concentrating very hard on her wordsearch......

Tomorrow...well we just don't know, more dastardly plans and more boats...probably then.

we do at least have a day off tomorrow - time to be a tourist in windsor.


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