Saturday, August 13, 2005

day - we've lost count and I think I got it wrong yesterday - martyn thinks 14 so we'll go with that.

only a little walk today - 6 and a bit miles through sunbury and molesy to hampton court. Highlights of the day include viewing sunbury regatta from the opposite bank and walking through the concrete bollards of the old ww2 anti tank defenses. We did find a cool sundial in hurst park though - you had to stand on it and use your own shadow to work out the time. We reckon it was half an hour out.

Have realised I missed some things off my wildlife list yesterday - have also seen cormorants, red kites and fish (lots of little ones and three big ones - they must be the ones that got away.)

made it to hampton court palace for lunch and found our hotel about ten mins before the rain came on. A dry patch saw us dash to kingston for dinner. Hopefully it will not be too wet tomorrow - one feels ones distinctly tatty and a little tacky plastic peruvian poncho will not blend well with the posh umbrellas here !

no photos today - martyn thinks this is a good thing as he doesn't know how much they cost to upload. He neglected to tell me this before now - holiday relatively cheap but bankrupted by a gadget (story of my married life ! gotta love it).

Anyway - soggy pictures of hampton court palace tomorrow so more then. As we said as we passed under walton bridge today - g'night jim bob.

PS had to go on a boat again today but it doesn't count as cheating - decided to get ferry across the thames but the guide book said it was an option (I'm sounding very defensive now aren't I ?! .........)


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