Saturday, August 06, 2005

day 7 - a trip to see the rarer wildlife along the thames (not) - martyn said he'd take me back to my roots so we went to monkey world in Dorset for the day. (no, we didn't walk there)

After a not inconsiderable amount of time spent in traffic, and some impressive gymnastics to move from the front passenger seat to the back seat so we could get to our lunch (cunningly left in the boot) we arrived at this very cool place.

spent much fun time viewing the chimps, gibbons, lemurs, orang - utans, macaques, squirrel monkeys, woolly monkeys and others we are now the proud adoptive parents of a chimp called - guess what - kay ! no i'm not joking ! cool huh.

(mart: the simularities are quite shocking)

knew it was time to go home when kay (the human one ) started doing her funky gibbon impression (anyone else remember that song ?).

now sat in pub - food arrived so more tomorrow from the thames path again! gotta go before martyn eats all my dinner.

Moral for the day: only have one woman in the car doing the navigating. Even when one of them is TomTom navigator, they do tend to argue with each other as to the best way to go.


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Jon said...

Perhaps you should have considered TomTom as your walking buddy as well? "Don't stop now, keep walking", "Come on lazy bones", "Don't drive, use your feet", you get the idea ;)