Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thursday - Day 6. A nice peaceful morning on the river. Took the Salter brothers river cruise from Oxford to Abingdon, weaving its way like the 30 ton beast that it is. Interestingly (or crucially if you're a 30 ton boat), the river is much wider here and there is quite a bit more boat traffic.

Kay also notes that Salters also do a number of other services to other towns on our route to London... we will be using some of them as well I feel....

At Abingdon we continue our walk towards Wallingford, via a welcome parents house and free-washing-service at Long Wittenham.

At this point our day takes an unexpected turn... it would appear that we have been separated from our laundry, possibly by an over-keen hotel room cleaner, who perhaps mistook the smelly bag of washing for a bag of rubbish.. quite easy really!

So tomorrow we're off to Wallingford, refreshed by the thought of all those clean socks we've been and bought!


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